SOKOVOX founder and designer Robert Miller began his career as a assistant photographer in the mid 1980s.

He learned the craft and aesthetics of photography by working with some of the top nationally known

image creators during that period. His stint assisting other artists allowed him to take various aspects of

their work and incorporate them into his own vision.

By the early 1990s, Miller opened his own studio in the heart of Silicon Valley and clients like Cisco Systems,

Intel, Kingston Technology, Motorola and Samsung soon began to walk through his front door. Robert

quickly learned to work in and adapt to the fast paced world of Silicon Valley while the area under went

major technological advances.

As the 1990s came to a close, digital advancements began to change how many commercial artists conducted

business and Miller felt he personally needed a change as well. These changes resulted in relocating to Austin,

Texas and then Santa Fe, New Mexico. The new environments broadened his artistic thirst allowing him to

embrace the new digital era. Taking complete advantage of this new era while pulling from his traditional

background, Miller now felt his work could incorporate several mediums including graphic design.

After years of working with corporations, design firms and advertising agencies, Miller decided to return to

school in 2008 and complete a graphic design degree he started several years ago. This once again opened

up his artistic possibilities while broadening this range.

Today he continues to push forward using visual information to communicate his message and reach his intended

audience. In an age where everyone has access to cutting edge technology, the technical side of commercial art

is a given; therefore, what’s important is the message or concept and how it is successfully communicated.

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